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Barrington Neighbors strives to provide the services our community needs.  We are building a vision to be a central hub for regular services that will help our neighbors in their daily lives.

Listening Tour 2019

During the summer of 2019 Barrington Neighbors will be embarking on a Listening Tour of our surrounding community using an Asset Based Community Development approach. It is our goal to hire Youth from our neighborhood to interview local residents and business to find what our community is in most need of, and to catalogue the resources that are available to us. 

Program Planning

Our Board of Directors is in need of passionate thought-leaders to be a part of our Program Committee. This committee will assist the Board in overseeing our programs, establishing new programs, and soliciting volunteers to coordinate our programs. Suggested programs so far have been annual health screenings, literacy fairs, VITA tax assistance, and other vital services that can be available to our Neighbors at little or no cost to them.

Community Center

Barrington Neighbors currently operates on the grounds of Church of Reconciliation and coordinates its programs in partnership with the church. Our future vision is to build a fully-functioning and self-sustaining community center that allow our vision and mission to be fully realized. The community center will have a full basketball court, multiple classroom and meeting spaces, a kitchen and wellness center, and more. Alongside a strong volunteer base and with support and sponsorship from local leaders, our dreams can become a reality for all those we serve.

A variety of preventive health screenings, such as screenings for carotid artery disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, bone density.


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