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Barrington Neighbors launched phase 1 of an asset based community development listening project in June 2017 with four key goals in mind:

  • Goal 1: Listen to neighbors in the service area to determine the skills and interests of residents and to build and grow future programming and offerings.
  • Goal 2: Identify key individuals and business entities in the service area to positively impact Barrington Neighbors’ mission to connect community to elevate all residents.
  • Goal 3: Ascertain the need and/or desire for a community center to be built at 8900 Starcrest Drive.
  • Goal 4: Increase awareness of Barrington Neighbors’ existence and offerings to the residents in the service area.

Thanks to numerous volunteers and community leaders, phase 1 is now complete and the information we learned will be invaluable to the future of Barrington Neighbors. To read the full report in PDF form, click the link below. We can't thank our neighbors enough for embracing the process and for seeing the vision that Barrington Neighbors has for all of us!

Click here to read the report.



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