Each summer the campus grounds are full of love and life when the children from Serna Elementary arrive to take part in our 5-week tutoring program. This program employs certified teachers to continue teaching our community’s students to prevent loss of knowledge in math and reading, provide breakfast and lunch for many who would otherwise go hungry, and encourage and grow the students during the fun afternoon activities.

Barrington Neighbors recently assumed responsibility for the Serna Summer Enrichment Program, taking over from The Episcopal Church of Reconcilation. To show your support through a financial contribution to Barrington Neighbors, please click here.

Your financial support will have a DIRECT impact on the children in our program:

  • ANY amount will show a child LOVE.
  • $50 – Will provide much-need classroom materials.
  • $100 – Will cover a teachers’ salary for a day.
  • $400 – Will cover a teachers’ salary for a whole day.
  • $600 – Will cover ALL teachers’ salaries for a day.
  • $2400 – Will cover ALL teachers’ salaries for a WEEK.

The program serves the children who attend Serna Elementary School and is a collaborative effort of teachers, church and neighborhood volunteers, and high school students interested in education. Follow this link to watch the Serna Program video on Vimeo. The program has a direct impact on the children of Serna: 

  • 60% of Serna students live in apartments
  • 80% of the student body are in the lowest socio-economic category
  • 90% student body mobility last year; meaning that only 10% of the students who begin the school year will finish the school year at Serna Elementary


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